Most people who think of optometry think first about vision. Here at Simply Optometry, we have a solution for all your vision needs. Using glasses and contact lenses, we can correct your vision to help you see better than ever. Looking for a more permanent solution? We also can help you decide if refractive surgery, such as LASIK, is right for you.

Read more about all we have to offer in the sections below!


Simply Optometry carries a broad variety of frames from the hottest brands to the budget-friendly. Because our emphasis is on providing exceptional vision to our patients, we are proud to offer lenses with exceptional optical quality and utilizing precise measurement techniques that customize your glasses to your eyes. Using quality products and advanced technology is essential for achieving great vision, and at Simply Optometry we never compromise the quality of our glasses in any way. Come see how our glasses can meet your daily visual demands! 


Here at Simply Optometry, we offer a full range of contact lens options. Whether your prescription is simple or complex, our doctors can find a lens that works for your eyes. Soft lenses are the contacts of choice for most individuals, but Simply Optometry also offers high quality hard lenses that provide excellent vision and eye health. Even for the difficult-to-fit patients, such as those with keratoconus or irregular corneas, our doctors can work with you to find lenses that optimize your eyesight.


Interested in a permanent solution to correct your vision? Simply Optometry works with local ophthalmologists to get you the effortless vision you are looking for. Not everybody is a candidate for surgery, so our doctors will evaluate your eyes before recommending the best course of action for you. We will happily discuss your options for surgery with you during your comprehensive exam and even arrange for you to have a consultation with a local surgeon for further measurements.


Did you know that special overnight contacts can temporarily eliminate your prescription during the daytime? This therapy, known as orthokeratology, is a way for individuals to be independent of glasses and contacts during the day by wearing these specialized lenses each night. Not everybody is a candidate for this treatment, but our doctors at Simply Optometry can assess if this treatment is right for you. Recommended for kids, orthokeratology has also been shown in clinical studies to reduce the progression of nearsightedness.