Simply Optometry is here for all your vision needs. From glasses to contact lenses, we specialize in vision correction that helps you see better than ever.

Eye Health

Our doctors at Simply Optometry can detect and manage any eye-related problem beyond needing glasses or contacts with a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye health is our first priority.

Patient Care

We strive to provide quality patient care every day. Our patients are our family- come visit us and become a part of it!


Located at the heart of the South Bay, Simply Optometry is a full-service eye care facility providing quality care to the community. We hope that every patient that comes to our practice has a unique and enjoyable experience with us.


Simply Optometry has a full service optical with a vast selection of premium frames and lenses, as well as value options that fit any budget. Whether your problem is blurry vision, eye fatigue, or vision-related headaches, our doctors have solutions to help improve your visual comfort.


Current contact lens wearers and those who are interested in contacts will be happy to know that we fit contact lenses of all types, including specialty lenses for patients with keratoconus and irregular corneas.


Simply Optometry

9 months 2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to our doctor and fearless leader, Dr. Nancy Hua!

(She may have been a little 🤏 bit scared getting onto this swing)


Simply Optometry is equipped with advanced optometric equipment that allows us to care for everything from basic vision problems to complex eye pathology. We take pride in our exceptional patient care, and our doctors are on the cutting edge to implement the latest treatment strategies for all eye and vision-related conditions.


Our optometrists specialize in preventative eye care to detect problems early and avoid future eye health problems. Your eyes are a window into your body, and many overall health problems can be detected by examining your eyes. Our doctors at Simply Optometry strive to be an important part of your health care team to keep your body healthy throughout the years.


Simplify your eyecare. Come visit- we are excited to show you everything that we have to offer!


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