Glasses are the simplest form of vision correction. That being said, fitting a great pair of glasses can be difficult to do. The first goal is to achieve the best vision possible, matching an expertly measured prescription with the best lens technology available.

With so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, finding frames that match with your eyes and head shape can be challenging. At Simply Optometry we are here to help guide you through the process of choosing a perfect set of frames and lenses that will optimize your vision to your lifestyle without sacrificing your sense of style.

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Lens Types

Single Vision

The most common type of lens is the single vision lens. This lens is focused for one distance only, generally correcting for your full distance prescription. However, this lens can also be prescribed for computer or near so that a patient can have a dedicated pair of glasses for their near work. 


A great option for individuals who need glasses for both distance and near work, but do not like having to switch between separate pairs of glasses. This type of lens allows for a patient to optimize their glasses for two distances, generally distance and near, with a wide area for both. This option is also a good budget option for correction at two distances.


The most advanced type of lens available, these lenses are built for the individuals who need versatility and range of vision. Progressive lenses, often known as no-line bifocals, are much more than a cosmetic improvement over bifocals. These lenses contain a slow blend of power that allows it to correct for far, intermediate, and near distances as you look down in the lens. 

Not all progressives are created equal. Through basic progressives are a good budget-friendly version of these lenses, premium versions of progressives provide much superior vision and comfort with these lenses because they are customized to not only the specific frame that was chosen by the patient, but also customized to how that frame is positioned on the patient's face. At Simply Optometry, we believe that your eyes deserve the best correction possible, so we are proud to offer you the latest in lens and vision technology.


Sometimes our vision needs go beyond the common lens options. This includes occupational lenses the optimize your vision in your workspace. In a world where so much of our work centers around a computer screen, these lenses focus your vision at the computer screen and near distances. These specialty lenses also include safety glasses that can help provide clear vision and also a superb level of protection from hazards in the workplace. If you have any specific and unique vision demands in your life, let us work with you to design the best pair of glasses for your needs!




Featured Lens Brands

Lens Options

Anti-Reflective Coating

One of the most popular options for lenses, a good anti-reflective coat can really enhance both the look and the comfort of a pair of glasses. Cosmetically, this coating eliminates the glare off the front surface of the lens, which makes them look crystal clear and transparent so that others can see your eyes. This effect also benefits the wearer, as it reduces the glare that the wearer sees and decreases eyestrain caused by this unwanted glare.

There are many different types of anti-reflective coatings available, and they vary in terms of their ability to cut glare and also protect the lenses. Premium coatings are manufactured into the surface of the lens, meaning that it will not peel or crack as the economy coatings sometimes do. A very popular new type of anti-reflective coating is one that cuts blue-light, which is emitted from all electronic devices and LED lights and has been shown to be damaging to the health of the eyes. At Simply Optometry, we recommend high-quality anti-reflective coatings for the best comfort and vision through your new glasses.


Photochromic Lenses and Transitions

Another very popular option for lenses, photochromic lenses change from a clear lens indoors and become a tinted lens when activated by ultraviolet light outdoors. These are perfect for individuals who want to have one pair of glasses that will act both as regular glasses and also sunglasses outdoors. A word of warning though, these types of lenses do not work well in the car because the windshield naturally filters out UV light which is required for the activation of the tint.

At Simply Optometry we are proud to offer our patients Transitions brand photochromic lenses. There are many different types of Transitions lenses, including both a standard and extra active version that becomes darker than the standard. They also come in three different colors- grey, brown, and the all-new green.




The ultimate lens for glare reduction, this lens is not only a tint, but actually a filter for light that does not hit the lens straight. This means that only light that comes in straight will pass through the lens, reducing glare caused by light coming from the side. Also available as a Transitions lens, these polarized lenses are the lenses of choice for maximum comfort and clarity of vision.