Eye Care

Your eyes are our priority.

Simply Optometry proudly offers a full-scope of medical eye care services that will address all of your eye-related problems. Your eyes give our doctors a window to your overall health, so we are able to transition our eye care into overall health care if we detect any abnormalities.

We take pride in being able to prescribe glasses and contacts to correct your vision, but we are especially proud that we are able to make sure that your eyes remain healthy enough to provide you with the crisp and clear vision that everybody wants. As optometrists we specialize in preventative eye care, meaning that we detect and manage your eye health before any problems develop, and if any problems are detected during your eye exam, we are able to refer you to a proper specialist to treat the problem.

Vision vs Eye Health

There is an important difference between vision and eye health. Just because one has good vision and has never needed glasses, that does not mean that their eyes are healthy. It is just as important to have an eye examination with an eye doctor yearly as it is to have a physical with a primary care doctor. Our eyes are the windows to the health inside of our bodies. In fact, the eyes are the only place in the body where nerves and blood vessels can be directly examined for disorders without needing a surgical procedure to do so!

Many problems that our eyes develop later in life begin when we are young. Developing good visual habits and hygiene help to prevent these problems from happening. Maintaining a yearly schedule of eye care will also allow your eye doctor to detect problems early and treat them accordingly. You only get one set of eyes- take good care of them by visiting us yearly at Simply Optometry!

A colored retinal photo of the inside of a healthy left eye

Use the following links to learn more about what we have to offer and some of the eye conditions we test for


Dilated Eye Exam

A dilated exam is the key to ensuring the health of your eyes. With a dilation, the doctor can detect disorders hidden within the eye that otherwise would not be found.

Diabetic Eye Care

Subtle changes caused by diabetes can be detected by looking into the eyes, making an eye exam ideal for early detection of elevated blood sugar.

Dry Eye

A common eye condition that affects people of all ages. Though it sounds simple, the condition is multi-factorial and requires discipline and guidance to treat properly.


Symptomless in the early stages, glaucoma is a disease tested for at every eye exam. Though there is no cure, many treatment options are available to prevent vision loss.


The most common cause of vision loss in individuals over 40, cataracts are extremely prevalent but vary widely in presentation. The treatment for cataracts is surgical.

Macular Degeneration

A common sight-threatening condition for individuals over 65, age-related macular degeneration should be tested for when you are much younger.