Down to your last pair of contacts?

Don't have time to stop by to re-order your supply of contacts?

Don't worry, order your lenses online- at any time of the day!


You must have a valid and non-expired contact lens prescription to continue! At this time, we are only accepting orders from our patients.

If you'd like to be a patient of ours, or if your prescription is expired, please click here to schedule an appointment with us, or call/text us at (310) 793-7100

For Patients Wearing ALCON Brand Lenses,
use the Marlö platform:

For Patients Wearing ALL OTHER Lenses,
use the Lensferry platform:

  • All rebates normally available to the patient are valid for online orders... fine print applies. Please email/call/text us for details and questions.
  • Free Shipping for ALL orders on Marlö... any quantity! Free Shipping on Lensferry for annual supplies only.

Need to Apply Insurance?

Please contact us via email, phone, or text so we can put the order in for you!